iRocket AR partners with Planet IX

iRocket Global
2 min readJun 30, 2022

iRocket AR is partnering with Planet IX, the NFT-based strategy game. This partnership will bring cross-game experiences to our communities.

Together we’ll build a new Metaverse world. Our strategic partnership will bring new gaming experience to players.

Soon our communities will be able to interact with:
- mutual integrations of lands and creatures
- mutual gaming events for communities in the future
- cross marketing events

About iRocket AR
iRocket AR app is a geo-based mobile game with the play-to-earn system that allows players to start playing and earning money without any initial fees. Players are space astronauts who search, capture, collect, train, evolve, and battle Artie creatures.

GPS is used to match the player’s real-world location with the virtual world. When Artie creatures appear in the virtual world, augmented reality (AR) is used to overlay the Artie on the real-world through a mobile camera. The player’s goal is to capture Arties by using special abilities. New Arties and items can be found and collected by exploring different planets, joining co-op raids and completing adventures.

About Planet IX
Planet IX is a GameFi strategy game, where the mission is to explore the world, collect NFTs, trade them on a Marketplace, challenge each other in Play-to-Earn games and reap rewards from various DeFi functionalities. However, the game does not stop there. Players’ digital footprint in this environment will also create a sustainable real-world impact.

Planet IX is the biggest NFT project & Game on Polygon:
- volume 162,000 + addresses holding IXT;
- 40k+ monthly unique active users;
- 15M+ IXT tokens currently staked;
- Consistently in Top 5 Dapps on DappRadar.

As well as that Planet IX just airdropped 2,5 million $IXT tokens to the community as part of rewarding early adopters and active players and community members. An airdrop worth more than $2,5million — and yet the price of IXT token didn’t drop.