iRocket AR partners with Gate IO for NEOGENs INO drop

iRocket Global
2 min readJul 19, 2022


iRocket AR is partnering with GATE.IO, one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world. As part of this strategic partnership, we are pleased to announce the INO of our NEOGEN NFT collection on the platform.

A total of 2500 out of the 11,111 NFTs in the collection will be available through the INO on at a price value of $150 in Ethereum. NEOGEN is a 3D augmented reality P2E NFT collection that will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

* Date of sale will be announced soon.

Additionally, our communities will be able to interact with:
- mutual communities events in the future
- cross-marketing events

About iRocket AR
iRocket AR app is an immersive geo-based mobile game that combines play-to-earn with move-to-earn and allows players to start playing and earning without any initial fees. In the game, players are space astronauts who explore, and capture, collect, train, evolve, and battle creatures called Arties.

Our inaugural NFT collection will give holders access to various exciting benefits exclusively available through the series. Early adopters will get access to:

1. IDO/IEO — NFT holders will be whitelisted for the public token sale round and have the opportunity to purchase $IRO tokens before they’re listed on a public exchange.

2. Closed Beta Testing — NFT holders will be able to participate in testing the app and gameplay, provide feedback and suggest improvements.

3. Live Events — chances to win free travel to the event location.

4. In-Game Bonus/Gift — NFT holders will have opportunities to receive rare in-game items or creatures.

5. Token Airdrop — NFT holders will qualify to receive token airdrops.

6. Discounted And Free Merchandise — NFT holders will be able to choose between a free branded T-shirt and cap, or Hoodie and cap, along with additional access to discounted merchandise.

*Additional benefits may be added in the future.

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