Introducing The iRocket AR Early Adopters NFT Series

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3 min readJul 12, 2022


At iRocket AR, our goal is to build a gaming environment that offers the fun, immersive experience of traditional games while empowering gamers with asset ownership and rewards mechanisms powered by Web 3.0 technology.

By leveraging blockchain, we are able to provide value and opportunities to our players not available through traditional gaming formats. For example, minting in-game assets as NFTs enables provable ownership and scarcity, allowing players to utilize their assets in not only the game but also the freedom to sell or trade their items on the open market, should they choose to do so.

It’s also no secret that without a dedicated community of players, there is no game. So with that in mind, we aim to provide our community with incentives and benefits that enhance the game experience, along with the value gamers access through their participation.

iRocket AR Early Adopters NFT Series
Today, we would like to introduce you to our Early Adopters NFT Series as we gear up for our upcoming initial NFT offering (INO).

Early adopters are the life’s blood of any start-up and are especially vital in community-driven ecosystems like the blockchain and gaming spaces. A foundation upon which a global user base can then be built, early adopters dedicate their time, money and trust to a nascent company simply because they see and believe in the vision and abilities of a team and founders. We believe that this trust and loyalty should be rewarded.

Our inaugural NFT collection will give holders access to various exciting benefits exclusively available through the series. Additionally, the purpose of the Early Adopters NFT Series is not only to offer benefits to holders but also to enable them to actively participate in ensuring that our game becomes the best on the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the utilities and perks available to holders of iRocket AR Early Adopters NFTs.

  • Discounted And Free Merchandise — NFT holders, will be able to choose between a free branded T-shirt and cap, or Hoodie and cap, along with additional access to discounted merchandise.
  • Priority Access To IDO/IEO NFT holders will be whitelisted for the public token sale round and have the opportunity to purchase $IRO tokens before they’re listed on a public exchange.
  • Priority Access To Closed Beta Testing Once the product is ready for beta testing, NFT holders will be able to participate in testing the app and gameplay, provide feedback and suggest improvements.
  • Priority Access To Live Events — This includes chances to win free travel to the event location.
  • In-Game Bonus/Gift Holders of iRocket Early Adopters NFTs will have opportunities to receive rare in-game items or creatures.
  • Token Airdrop — NFT holders will qualify to receive token airdrops.

*Additional benefits may be added in the future.

We will announce the platform(s) that will be hosting the upcoming initial NFT offering (INO) of our Early Adopters NFT Series soon.

About iRocket AR
iRocket AR is a free-to-play, geolocation-based AR mobile game powered by Web 3.0 technology that combines play-and-earn with move-to-earn for an immersive first-of-its-kind metaverse gaming experience. Players participate in the game as Astronauts, exploring planets and battling, capturing, training and evolving space creatures called Arties.

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